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Building Supply Of Manassas

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Building Supply of Manassas strives to make each of your construction projects flow as smoothly and profitably as possible.  Please feel free to contact this office at any time with your questions or concerns. Click here to download our business credit application or our personal credit application.

Our Purpose
The purpose of this service is to offer the customer a source of open credit in order to purchase your building materials and keep your project flowing in between draw stages.  We understand all the paperwork and long process you go through in order to establish your lines of credit and various construction loans.  We will make our process as painless as possible.

Our Policy
As in any sales agreement or contract, certain paperwork is required.  In our case, all we need is a completed Credit Application, a Credit Report which we will order, a copy of your Building Permit and directions to your jobsite.  The approval process should not take longer than a few days.  

Our Objective
The objective of the Credit Department is to fulfill our purpose as stated above and to help turn your project from a dream into a home.

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